Cia. PakiPaya
  An aerial cradle burlesque show
With… Tony Fumé, who is a compulsive smoker and a playboy without remedy, and Rita Glamour, who is a naive passionate and insatiable chewing gum eater.
A super dancer exotic couple, extraordinary in the whole world!They throw themselves jump across into the air, playing sexy dances and dangerous aerobatics.
Tony y Rita captivate you, they make you laughing, dance, enjoying so much as you want to watch the play again…

“SHAKE YOUR ASS”, a seventies funny return at a circus code.

Authors-players   Artistic Director
Noemí Díaz & Adrià Mascarell   Jean Pierre Pagliari
Technical Manager   Scene frames builder
Yuri Sakalov   Serge Calvier (Nil Admirari)
Julien Fournier (recherches artistiques)
Melinda (graphisme, design dossier)
Antoinette Chaudron (photo carte postal)
Stéphanie Lecoq (photos)
Iratxe Alvarez (website)
Toni Marin ( video)
Manel Sala ( photos)
    Designed by Saveiratxe